In a Massachusetts town of 1832, young Toby yearns to find his father, lost on a Boston voyage on the full-rigged
      Top Gallant.  Contending with small town politics and a breathtaking sea, Toby faces one dangerous setback
      after another.  A demonic Aunt Cecilia threatens to auction Toby as an apprentice, while her light-hearted
      pursuer, Mayor Risello, rescues Toby from being purchased by a vengeful Captain Mardocke. 
      Devil-may-care Susanna first bewitches Captain Mardocke, then is swept away by
      the earnest suitor Nick, only to abandon everything to try to save Toby.
      Through it all, Top Gallant, now a vanishing ship model sent by
      his father, possesses Toby like a restless summer night's
      dream.  Summoned by sailors' haunting refrains,
      the ship spurs Toby to search out his father
      in a final spell-binding adventure.