Top Gallant

A New Musical

Main Characters

Toby: Energetic, imaginative / Age 10

Christopher and Katelyn's son / Boy soprano

Captain Mardocke: Hard-bitten, crafty / 50's

Seafaring force of nature / Bass-baritone

Susanna: Fatalistic, sensitive / 30's

Captain Mardocke's flame / Mezzo-soprano

Nick: Good-hearted, earnest / 30's

Salt-of-the-earth laborer / Baritone

Mayor Risello: Hearty, impulsive / 40's

Striving Sicilian immigrant / Tenor

Cecilia: Self-flattering grande dame / 40's

Toby's domineering aunt / Contralto

Christopher Mathias: Imaginative, ambitious / 40's

Toby's visionary father / Baritone

Katelyn Mathias: Intelligent, artistic / 30's

Toby's perceptive mother / Contralto

Pierceton Asheley: Prosperous, shrewd / 70's

Toby's grandfather / (Non-solo)

Supporting Characters


Swain Dawkins, Sparrow, Rawlings, Reeves,

Old Pegleg, Scully, Green Cookee,

Zak, Woolsey, Double Duty

Harbor Women

Buttons, Clarabelle, Vera, Annelle, Penny, Pearl

Townsmen and Townswomen

Dr. Haygood, Mrs. Coppens, Mr. and Mrs. Filpot,

Mrs. Gabriel, Mrs. Parish,

Mr. and Mrs. Blodgett, Mr. and Mrs. Dunwoody

Two Constables




Shipyard Workers

Market Sellers

Young Ruffians

Full length:  Two acts

Audience:  General / Family / Children

Ethnicities portrayed:

white, Hispanic, Sicilian, multi-ethnic

Developed through the

Musical Theatre Writers Workshop

John Sparks, Artistic Director